Google Claims Pixel to be the Android with iOS Security, Here is why?

Google Pixel

Pixel, Phone by Google. It was launched in October 2016. It has many cool features like first phone with Google Assistant, unlimited storage for photos and videos and the highest rated camera ever. It is the first Android smartphone which comes with Android Nougat 7.0.

As it comes with Android Nougat 7.0, it has many new security features as well. Earlier Android was not secure operating system but now Google has said that this phone is more secure than Apple iOS. The Search Engine giant published on its official blog that Pixel and Pixel XL are most secured Android smartphones ever.

Google invested in and improved many features which make these smartphones more faster and stronger than other devices. Google is betting big on encryption of data, any hacker or snooper can’t access the data on the phone without the owner permission, this makes these phones more smarter than iOS and Blackberry.

There is also the introduction of TrustZone, a novelty that ensures that the system code can be run safely even if the Android kernel has been infected.

TrustZone Security:

Modern processors provide a means to execute code in a mode that remains secure even if the kernel is compromised. On ARM-based processors this mode is known as TrustZone.

In Android Nougat, all disk encryption keys are stored encrypted with keys held by TrustZone software. This secures encrypted data in two ways:

  • TrustZone enforces the Verified Boot process. If TrustZone detects that the operating system has been modified, it won’t decrypt disk encryption keys; this helps to secure device encrypted (DE) data.
  • It enables a waiting period between guesses at the user credential, which gets longer after a sequence of wrong guesses. This improves security for all users, especially those who have a shorter and more easily guessed pattern, PIN, or password.
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From the very first day pixel is being compared with iPhone and this new security features prove that Pixel has an edge over iPhone being more secure and strong when it comes to Data Privacy. No doubt Google is doing more with Android. Pixel is trying to shake the market share of iPhone and this security features can play a big role in leading the market share. Keep visiting CuriousPost for articles like this.

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Google Claims Pixel to be the Android with iOS Security, Here is why?

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