Nazca Lines: The Unexplained Mysterious Drawings On Earth.

CuriousBytes: Some specialists believe that the world’s largest astronomical calendar was drawn by Nazcas on the dry plains of southern Peru. While others believe that the lines drawn on the expansive wastes are huge birds, animals and geometric figures. What exactly do these Nazca lines signify- nobody knows. They are laid across the desert by the Nazca Indians 1,500 years ago – even long before man could fly, although nowadays it is crossed by the Pan American Highway.

Nazca lines

Nazca lines, courtesy Simon E. Davies.

The Mysterious Nazca Lines!

The Nazca region lies between the Pacific coast of Southern Peru and the Andean foothills. The entire area is made up of strange lines – some in geometric shapes, some of them in the form of animals and birds. The lines and pattern of the desert floor seem to be the work of a mad geometrician and a giant. This is one of the most baffling aspects.

The archaeology and the archaeologists have no satisfactory answers. These mysterious lines are named as Nazca lines or Nazca lines and are still a mystery.

Various researchers and archaeologist have worked at the site and are not able to give a plausible explanation. On the other hand, it has facilitated the birth of many suppositions and superstitions. Some theories explain that these drawings have been made by unknown extra-terrestrial beings or Aliens.

While some theories point out that the Peruvian desert was being used as an Astro port by space craft thousands of years ago.

The lines are more bewildering as sometimes lines could only be seen from an altitude of above 1,000 ft. And some designs are so closely intermingled, that they give a picture of some science fiction novel. In addition to these drawings and incomprehensible lines, the Nazca region has almost experienced no rain for 10,000 years.

But this apparently has been due to a scientific reason – the calm prevailing winds from the ocean could hardly pick up the moisture from the chilly waters of the Humboldt current. Furthermore, the erosion on the slopes of Peru is quite similar to the space probes on the Mars. To test it scientifically, the NASA(National Aeronautical and Space Administration) has sent a team of scientists to study the erosion and the possibility of life on Mars.

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It was only in 1941 that these mysterious, enigmatic lines attracted attention. Dr. Paul Kosok of Long Island University was the first one to examine the land. He studied the plain from the plane and named the unique area as “the largest astronomy book in the world.”

His work was followed by a German mathematician and astronomer, Maria Riche. She studied the area for more than 30 years and is now 70 years old. She crisscrossed it step by step on triangular, quadrangular, or parallel lines and sometimes on zigzags. She researched exhaustively and drew the conclusion that tons of small stones must have been moved to create the outlines of each line. And the positioning must have been done in accordance with a calculated plan.

To draw lines, she proposed the theory that they must have stretched strings from posts. These posts are still visible. And the carbon – 14 method had dated these post back to A.D 500. Mario Reiche also found out from the designs the unit of measurement that the Nazcas must have used.

The two members of the International Explorers Society of Coral Gables, Florida based their Ideas on a painted Nazca ceramics. These two members – Julian Knott and Jim Woodman, said that the pieces of pottery invariably depicted airship. These two men along with some other members believed that Nazcas could not have composed such complicated designs without having an aerial view.

Some other researchers have tried to reason out the secret of Nazcas by studying tombs in the Paracas region. They believe that the near by site, Necropolis, dates to the same period and was used as the burial place for nobles and priests. In the excavation, about 400 mummies, wrapped in shrouds and elaborate cloaks have been found. The date of their burial is estimated to be 2000 years ago.

Some Peruvian archaeologists share the views of Paul Korak and Maria Reiche. They agree that Nazca drawings are an astronomical calendar. It is also presumed by some scholars that the Nazcas used to read the news of different weather sighs from the flight patterns of seabird. In fact, Indians of Peru still believe in the magical powers of animals, and they see the figure of the desert zoo are reproductions of the shapes made by groups of stars. Another theory is that they could have been the mysterious religious cult expressed in a theatrical ritual.

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For a reason behind triangular, trapezoidal or quadrangular ‘runway’ opinions differ. Accordingly, to some they were places of assembly. Others believe that they must have been ground, guided by the spirits. Another group believes that burnt offerings were made to the Nazca Gods there. There are many beliefs. Theorists have not arrived on a single designed as a calendar.

Nazca Lines Pictures:

Nazca Spider

Nazca Spider

Nazca Monkey

Nazca Monkey

Nazca lines

Nazca lines, courtesy Simon E. Davies.

Are Nazca Lines Alien Work?

These unexplained drawings stretch over hundreds of meters and are impossible to be carved by the ancient humans with such precision. This has led to the belief that these large pictures have been the work of aliens. Also, some believe that these drawings might have been drawn by an ancient alien explorer who explored Earth to find out the then existing species on Earth and the Nazca region might have been his book to jot down the observations.

The question remains – what did these unique lines signify? However, Peru government has taken precautions to avoid spoiling these designs. It has banned walking or driving over them except by special permission. The tourists are all owed to see the enigma from a roadside observation tower.

Here is an interesting Documentary on the truth behind Nazca Lines:

What do you think of these mysterious lines drawn on Earth? Do you believe it as an extraterrestrial work by some super beings or extra ordinary human beings?. Tell us your opinion in the comments below.

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    Its the conceit of those like Sean that close our minds to finding the true source of these megalithic structures. The rock work at Puma Punku defies even the best of today’s technologies. Yes our ancestors were great but there is no doubt that they had a little help. I would hope that somewhere down the road we find out the source. Closed minds do get in the way!

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Nazca Lines: The Unexplained Mysterious Drawings On Earth.

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